Sunday, 24 January 2010

Goblin Sculpt Stage 4

I've made a start refining the skin. Still quite a way to go. I've also roughed out the fingers and toes and the gums and mouth interior too.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Goblin Shirt Stitches

I've now done the seams and stitches on his shirt and jerkin. I decided not to add patches to that for a bit of variation in the fabrics.

I've also added a couple of levels and refined the scuffs and scratches on the helmet.

Next I'll add detail to his skin.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Goblin Pants

I wanted the goblin's clothes to look scrappy and homemade, so I added a load of overlapping patches.

I was half way through the stitches on the patches when I changed my mind about how to do them, so I had to go back and erase the old ones and redraw them. Lucky I was using layers for them and the patches so that wasn't a big deal.

Mudbox seems to have been behaving OK on the laptop, which is good. No idea what I did to change that. Might have been a defrag or cleaning up some space on the C drive, or moving the data off the swap drive.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

Goblin Sculpt Stage 3

I've done the first pass on the clothing now. No real detail yet, just basic folds.

Next stage will probably be seams and patches which I plan to add as layers.

And then some more work on the skin. I might have to either break the exposed parts off as separate objects to help performance, or take it to the workstation as I might have difficulty with them all attached.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Goblin Sculpt Stage 2

Shirt and trousers sculpted to a fairly basic level. Gloves and Boots taken a bit further with wraps and rips done.

Goblin Sculpt Stage 1

Here's the rough Level 3 sculpt I used as a base to build the clothes models on. Not much of him is going to be visible under the clothes in the end, but you never know, so I wanted the body to be ok to start with.

Goblin Base Model

The base model was modified from the Mudbox base human model. I gave him toes and a new head (based on the one I did below for the Brink test).

I then modelled the clothes on top of the roughly sculpted body in Silo. Mostly by cloning the polys, surface snapping new geometry and pushing them out along the normals or Shelling.

After running into problems with keeping the character whole for Fat Face, and suffering performance issues on the laptop with Mudbox 2010, I decided to keep as many objects separate as possible for this one.