Monday, 20 September 2010

Cornrows Complete High Res Stills

Here are some high res stills of the complete Cornrows character study. I'll upload some other angles tomorrow.

Cornrows Complete Turntables

Cornrows Textured Full Length from Robin Ball on Vimeo.

Cornrows Head Complete from Robin Ball on Vimeo.

I got my workstation up and running again. That allowed me to merge the head and body together and I grabbed some footage. Here are the full length and head turntables.

Follow the full length link to Vimeo for the HD version.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Cornrows Clothes Textured Stage 2

I've added a layer of dirt over the clothes. Projection paint is good for that. No worrying about seams.

I also painted the hands. Mostly projection paint again, but with an underlying layer using random scattered brushes like the clothes.

I'll probably have to collapse all the layers on both this and the head before I can merge them together. I'm a bit low on memory with both loaded.