Monday, 30 August 2010

Cornrows Clothes Textured Stage 1

I've done the first stage of the clothes texturing. No lighting on this one as I haven't done any spec maps yet.

This part was done with different tools to the head. There was too much shading on the clothes to use projections. Instead I made a couple of brushes from the source photos for the shirt and trousers and used them as stamps with random offsets and rotation. That's a nice quick way to cover a surface with textured detail. Flatten to UV space was handy for making sure the hidden bits like armpits got covered.

Then there's an Overlay layer for the cavities and wear on raised edges. That was done with the Drybrush tool. Particularly good for jeans.

And then there's an Ambient Occlusion layer Multiplied on top.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Cornrows Head Textured

I couldn't texture the whole character at once on the laptop, Mudbox claimed I was out of memory even though it was only using 1.3 gig out of the 3 I have access to on this machine. Never mind, I can just work on the head and body separately and merge the texture layers when I'm done, or work on the desktop once I've got it set up again.
Anyway, here's the head. Textured mostly with projection paint. I tweaked the sculpting detail a bit after to match it.
There's a slight problem with the image based lighting making the eyes come out a bit milky as it's using the same material as the skin. I'll have to make it a different one to resolve that I think.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Cornrows Full Body Stage 4

I'm pretty much finished with the sculpting on this guy now. I refined the pockets on the trousers, added some ring fittings. I've sculpted the shoes up and the hands and merged in the head.

I'll probably texture him.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Cornrows Full Body Stage 3

More work on the clothes. I've added the seams and pockets to the trousers and refined the fabric folds. I've still got to work on the shoes.